About the Fun for All Playground

Learn about the Fun for All Playground, Our Goals & Objectives, and our Participating Partners Below!

A Playground for Everyone

The Fun for All Playground at Central Park will create a destination playground for persons of all abilities to serve the City of College Station and surrounding communities. Drawn from research, the design of the playground is based on the promotion of physical and cognitive development in the children through play.

The playground will integrate activities and facilities that include both active and free/inventive play areas for ages 2-5 and 5-12, as well as facilities for teen and adult participants. Using nature-based themes, the playground will encourage exploration and learning of the natural world with age-appropriate challenges of all physical and cognitive abilities within this safe and family-friendly place.

Our Goals & Objectives

Foster Child Development through Play
  • Create an attractive and appealing play environment
  • Integrate learning with play
  • Design activities, programs, and play areas for children of different age groups
  • Provide three-dimensional play experiences
  • Create an environment with high-levels of diversity choices
  • Offer children free, unrestrained, spontaneous play experiences
  • Tie with nature
Create Park Identity
  • Provide way-finding & donor information throughout the playground
  • Include programmed activities in the playground (Christmas in the Park, other celebrations, educational events, etc.)
  • Showcase the importance and effects of nature, and the facilities and measures to ensure that this park is universally accessible
Create a Family-Friendly Destination
  • Provide activities, programs, facilities for all family members, age groups, and abilities
  • Create a unique natural environment and play structures to attract families
  • Install equipment, paving and facilities that enable learning, play and multi-generational involvement
Ensure Safety and Security
  • Create a continuous enclosure of the playground using high-quality fencing and double gates
  • Design separation in play areas for children of different ages to avoid conflicts
  • Provide clear visual access throughout the playground
  • Separate pedestrian and bicyclists from play areas
  • Meet all local and state laws and requirements
Provide Universal Access
  • Consider the dimension, size, and materials of all equipment, paving and facilities beyond basic ADA requirements
  • Provide a clear way-finding and park information system
  • Provide numerous supervising places for parents
Apply Low Impact Development
  • Utilize LID techniques for water
  • Change landform to improve drainage
  • Utilize existing pond as a retention facility and water resource for irrigation
  • Use native planting and stone materials


Help us raise money to complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Fun for All Playground.

Rotary InternationalLions Club InternationalCoach Blair CharititesKiwanis InternationalThe City of College Station

Participating Partners

Thank you to the following organizations for your partnership  and participation:

  • Aggieland Lions Club
  • Bryan Breakfast Lions Club
  • Bryan Noon Lions Club
  • Bryan Evening Lions Club
  • College Station Kiwanis Club
  • College Station Morning Lions Club
  • College Station Noon Lions Club
  • Wellborn Lions Club
  • Rotary Club of Aggieland
  • Rotary Club of Bryan
  • Rotary Club of College Station
  • City of College Station